IT Consulting Services

IT assessments, it’s not addressed to the technical people only. Your hole infrastructure, including your network and system equipment, are here to serve your business. Having well defined requirements within RFPs, keeping a high level of network and system performance, along with a solid secure architecture design will surely lead to a Performing, Secure and Resilient information system.

Architecture design

The objectives of this type of assessments don’t rely on a simple review of your current architecture, but it also focuses on the areas of improvement suggesting recommendations and a whole new secure enhanced design, when required.

RFP Development and Evaluation

Whenever you need to request a proposal, our team is ready to help translating your business need into a proposal including all the requirements (Procurement, Business, Functional and Integration systems) and guide you in each step. The different phases of this type of projects may vary from the definition of the business needs, evaluation of proposals, definition of selection criteria, developing the RFP to recommending the vendor selection.

Network Performance Assessment

When users complain about the network performance, it’s not a big deal. When your employees suffer from a slow network, this could impact their productivity and cost you money while employees wait and get stressed with the network. This assessment will review the network components and recommend changes to enhance the performance.

System Performance Assessment

This assessment will review the entire system to make sure it meets your business needs. Recommendations will be given to enhance the system performance.