Outsourcing Unit

Potech Consulting offers outsourcing services that can provide an organization the opportunity to realize valuable strategic and economic benefits.

For the last several decades, a reasonable level of security has been an essential component of an organization’s long-term success.

Outsourcing can save the time and cost involved in finding and hiring permanent employees, while still keeping the cream of the Information Security crop on-call and ready to address your business needs. One of the largest costs to any business is finding, training, and keeping employees. One way to avoid these problems and expenses is to outsource your information security team needs.

Information security outsourcing involves transferring or sharing management control of a business function, enabled by two-way information exchange, coordination, and trust between the outsourcer and the client.

The list below represents some of the major tasks performed by the outsourced information security officer:

  • Onsite Technical Security Audits
  • Information Security Document (Policies & Procedures) Review and Update
  • Log and audit trails monitoring
  • Security Incidents Follow Up
  • Security Controls Review
  • User Access Rights Review
  • Social Engineering tests
  • Security Awareness Program development and execution
  • IT risk assessment & management 
  • Membership in the BCP team